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More advanced with our enhancements

Asian Teas

Purple Maeng Da white berry maeng da enhanced ikratom

Asian Teas

We carry only the Finest! High quality Asian Teas. Imported directly from the source. Our Asian Teas come with Certificates of Analysis and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. ikratom nootropics vitamin and supplements

purple maeng da ikratom advanced bio enhanced mitragyna speciosa

Enhanced Asian Tea

Enhancements are what separate us from the majority. "More Advanced with our enhancements" is our slogan. We enhance most of our products with 97% (Lab Grade) Mitragynine. Followed with berry powder extracts as catalyst for absorption. Our Capsules are 750mg quadruple tapped, manually pressed. We operate under the strict guidelines of compliant vendors as specified by the American Kratom Association. Advanced Bio is Compliant, Tested, and has been Providing the highest quality mitragynine Speciosa, Exotic herbs, elixirs, extracts, nootropics, vitamin and supplements, and bulk Asian teas for over 20 years. Follow us on Instagram @ikratomlife


Your Wellness is important to us

1/2 to 2/3 less product is needed when purchasing ikratom. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Fast shipping, And friendly customer service far exceeds the competition. Or products priced at wholesale so the customer saves more money and product. Thus creating a safer environment for you to shop. As global leaders in this Industry we strive to maintain superior service and product always.

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