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Taste the iKray Bow. More advanced with our enhancements

Wash Your Thought with Speciosa...


We specialize in Private label herb distribution. Focusing on meeting the needs of our loyal customers is why we offer such advanced products at a low cost. Enhanced or non enhanced we offer the finest Mitragyna speciosa. Wash your thoughts today. is another website to check out for savings on ikratom vitamin and supplements

Mitragyna advanced to: Pallatable!


Our Berry Powders even come with Certificate of analysis and region of origination. Acting as a catalyst for absorption as you absorb the product later rather than sooner like some juices do. Most Potentiators/Catalyst for absorption (vitamin C, juices) aren't as impactful. Ours are absorbed when the product is absorbed. Enhancing absorption equals money saved. less product to purchase as well. #ikratom #vitamin and supplements vitamin shoppe ikratom

Why do business with us?


We not only enhance our product we also Import using only the most advanced equipment and labs. We use Gamma Ray testing upon departure from Indonesia as well as test for microbes upon arrival. We provide these certificates on our website as well. All of our products come with updated testing. We are seeking to become AKA certified as well. We are a compliant facility with 100% Satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

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